Hi there!

My name is Emma Hyland. I'm a Posture and Movement Coach

I’m passionate about empowering people to overcome pain, find a free, flexible, upright posture, and enjoy inhabiting their body. 


I work with people suffering from:

back/neck pain

- tension headaches

- shoulder/arm pain and RSI

- poor posture

- tension and anxiety.

I teach you to change your postural habits, so you can find a freer and easier way of standing and moving. 

Start with a Posture Assessment to help you identify problem areas of postural tension!!

In modern life we prioritise everything except our bodies...

We care deeply about our work goals and performance, looking after our loved ones (we often put their health above ours), maintaining a household, following our passions and hobbies.

We are busier than ever before. The way we think about our self is as a series of engagements and achievements in the outside world.

This fast-paced, externally-focused way of living causes us to use our bodies in a tense, tight, contorted, rushed way. And this in turn causes tension, anxiety, pain, injury and illness.

And then we curse our body when it breaks down and prevents us from being able to chase our external goals!



When you work with me...


I invite you to change your life so that working with your body, rather than against it, becomes a key priority.

I give you the keys to your own body: I show you how to use your body in accordance with its design. I teach you anatomy, not in theory, but in your own body.

I support you to change long standing habits, let go of unhelpful postural patterns, and move to a freer and easier way of inhabiting your body. 

Learning to make your body a priority and use it according to its design can give you the energy and freedom to live your life fully, to do the things love, and to pursue your goals in a more sustainable, comfortable way. 

Book in your Posture Assessment and start your journey today!

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