Hi there!

My name is Emma Hyland. I'm a Back & Neck Pain Specialist

I work with people suffering from:

  • back & neck pain

  • tension headaches

  • strained, tight & stiff postural muscles

  • sciatica or pinched nerves

  • bulging or deteriorating discs

  • Repetitive Strain Injury

I teach you to change your postural habits, so you can overcome pain, lengthen your spine, and find a free, flexible, upright posture. 

Struggling with back or neck pain?


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Does any of this seem familiar?

  • You've never quite been able to figure out why you keep getting back or neck pain or injury

  • You feel stuck in the same old cycles of trying to manage pain... cycling through physios, chiros, back/neck pain devices, creams and pills...

  • You feel like you should 'do something' about your posture, but you aren't quite sure what

  • You worry about how bad your posture and pain will get as you get older


But imagine if you could...

  • learn to lengthen your own spine, and take pressure off your own spinal discs and nerves

  • stop needing medical appointments, devices, drugs, or invasive interventions such as surgery, to get you out of pain

  • effortlessly maintain a free, lengthened, comfortable posture as you go about your day

  • let go tension, and find greater relaxation and freedom in your body

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