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Imagine if you could learn to lengthen your OWN spine, taking the pressure off your back and neck muscles, spinal nerves and discs.

And what’s more, you could keep this up effortlessly as you go about your day, eliminating back and neck pain.


No more relying on medical appointments, devices, drugs, or invasive interventions such as surgery, to get you out of pain.

Book your FREE 15-minute Back/Neck Pain Zoom Consult to:

  • discuss your pain points

  • identify problematic postural areas causing these pain points

  • get the tools you need to work with problem areas, to release pain and find a freer, more comfortable version of you!


For people suffering from :

  • back & neck pain

  • tension headaches

  • strained, tight & stiff postural muscles

  • Repetitive Strain Injury

  • sciatica or pinched nerves

  • bulging or deteriorating discs

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People often come to me in pain and say "I've tried everything..."

They've struggled with back or neck pain for months or years. They've tried physio, chiro, massage, yoga, wheat bags, pain creams, pharmaceuticals...

Their back or neck pain persists, and they don't know what's causing it. 

But it surprises many people to find out that actually back and neck pain is often caused by our habits of posture and movement, which involve high levels of unconscious tension and muscle tightness.  ​


And these habits can be changed, giving us a newfound freedom after years of pain and difficulty. 

When you work with me...

I give you the keys to your own body: I show you how to use your body in accordance with its design

I support you to let go of unhelpful postural patterns, and move to a freer and easier way of inhabiting your body. 

This includes learning to lengthen your own spine, taking the pressure off your own back and neck muscles, spinal nerves and discs.

Why my approach is different…

My approach is fundamentally about letting go of tension.

Other approaches to treating back and neck pain:

  • take a narrow view of the body, overlooking the whole picture

  • provide you with 'treatment', rather than teaching you treat yourself

  • increase your tension levels: strength-based approaches can cause you to overuse postural muscles, adding tension to your already tight and overworked body

  • use ‘devices’ that put you in strange and unnatural positions

  • build dependence on drugs or creams, or ultimately, surgery.

I invite you to work with your body, rather than fighting against it…

I teach a simple, relaxing, mindful approach which focuses on identifying and releasing key areas of postural tension, so that we can find a free, flexible upright posture. This allows us to feel relaxed and comfortable and to move with grace and ease.

My story...

My name is Emma Hyland. I had always experienced a lot of muscle tension and pain, which became severe neck and shoulder pain when I was studying in my late teens and early 20s.


My posture was slumped - I could see that. I felt a bit embarrassed about it, but avoided thinking about it because I wasn't sure what to do about it.  

I always wondered what was wrong with me... why do I get such terrible neck and shoulder pain as soon as I so much as touch a computer? My friends all seemed to be just fine using computers.

I tried doing exercises to make my posture more upright. I tried for years actually. But my neck pain just seemed to increase

It was a couple of decades before I actually found an approach that worked for me.


I discovered that my muscles were tight because of my own habits of posture and movement, which involved high levels of unconscious tension. No one had ever before taught me to let this unconscious tension go!

I learned to use my body in a free, natural and coordinated way. To let go of postural tension, and allow my body's natural postural mechanisms to take effect. 

I now help other people to make the same break-throughs; to release back and neck pain and find a natural, comfortable, upright posture

Check out the testimonials below from clients who have made similar break-thoughs!

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“When I started with Emma I had neck pain from office work, lower back pain from pregnancy, and also suffered from stress-related headaches. The first lesson was a revelation, the gentle and relatively ‘hands-off’ session immediately helped me start identifying and relaxing the tense muscles throughout my neck, shoulders and lower back.

After working with Emma I have noticed such a significant improvement in my posture and the way I move. I no longer feel ground down by sitting at a computer all day, but rather feel free to move in a relaxed, effective and efficient way. Now I have simple techniques to recognise tension in my body and practice moving without it. It has also reduced the tension headaches I was previously experiencing.


I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who feels discomfort in their neck, shoulders or back for any reason. She has provided me with a long term solution.”

-   Beth, 38, spatial data analyst

“I have suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for the last 18 months.  Following my first session with Emma I felt relaxed, light and virtually pain free for the first time in months. It was wonderful!!  

In the following sessions I have been learning how to achieve this myself by relaxing and releasing the tension in my neck and shoulders and by gaining an understanding of how these parts of my body should be working together.  Emma explains things very clearly and her visual, descriptive cues are extremely helpful.

I am now able to achieve a reduction in my neck pain myself and feel that I am definitely on the right track in the long term management of this health issue.”

-   Norah, 67, retired public servant

"When I started working with Emma I had severe pain and tension in my shoulders and neck from a childhood injury.

This approach allowed me to break through the physical and mental barriers that were restricting my movement.


The tension in my neck has dramatically reduced, and I experience less pain and stiffness. I have become more aware of my posture and how to make modifications to better release tension. Emma’s structured approach has allowed this work to be well integrated into my life. 

I will be forever grateful I took a chance on what I considered an alternative approach. Now I consider it a necessary approach."


Joshua, 27, Mental Health Worker

Finding an answer to back or neck pain is easier than you think!

Personally, I struggled with neck pain year after year because I didn't know how to find an approach that would work for me; there were so many approaches out there! 

But then I found an approach that enabled me to work with my body. I knew I could trust this approach because it showed me how to utilise my body's natural design. It just made sense to me. 

Increasingly, people are finding that my gentle, natural, mindful approach helps them improve their posture and overcome their back and neck pain.

So why keep suffering with back or neck pain, or risk serious future issues such as arthritis, reliance on pain meds, or surgery?

Start your journey today by booking your FREE 15-minute Back/Neck Pain Zoom Consult to:

  • discuss your pain points 

  • get help identifying problematic postural areas causing you pain

  • get guidance on working with problem areas, to release pain and find a freer, more comfortable version of you! 

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