Did you know that achieving good posture actually requires MINDFULNESS?

Good posture means being upright and poised, yet relaxed, flexible and free to move as we need to.

To get to this state, we need to be able to IDENTIFY and RELEASE key points of POSTURAL TENSION. Otherwise our body stays kinked in, twisted around, and pulled down by habitual tension that we all hold, that causes poor posture and back/neck pain.

And to be able to identify and release key points of postural tension as we go about our lives, we need to be present to our body and how we are using it, i.e. MINDFUL.

MINDFULNESS is a critical skill in finding a relaxed, yet poised, upright posture.

The good news is that if you work with the Alexander Technique you’ll find that learning to improve your posture helps improve your mindfulness and learning to improve your mindfulness helps improve your posture!

So choose to take a mindful path to reduce back and neck pain, let go tension and anxiety, and find a relaxed, poised, upright posture.

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