Doing all the ‘right’ things to help your neck or back pain, but getting the wrong results?

Neck or back pain can be like a constant companion. Whether you are sitting at a desk, working in the garden, vacuuming the floor or driving a car, or maybe even lying in bed at night, it is there with you... or at the very least, not far away.

Maybe you’ve tried doing all the ‘right’ things… chiros, physios, yoga, massage, wheat bags… but found that, while these things may help with the symptoms, they don’t seem to be addressing the UNDERLYING cause.

The thing is that until you learn how your body ACTUALLY works, and how to move in accordance with the design of your anatomy, then you will be still trapped by your old patterns and habits.

And your neck or back pain will probably still be with you.

Do you know where the joint is that joins your HEAD on to your NECK? Or how your RIBS join onto your SPINE to facilitate breathing?

How about where and how your SPINE joins on to your PELVIS, connecting the two halves of your skeleton together, so the top half doesn’t fall off of the bottom half or float away into space?

Learning the key parts of your anatomy, not just in theory, but where they are in YOUR OWN body, makes a huge difference to the level of freedom you experience in your movement.

Once you understand the location and function of key parts of your anatomy, you start to use your muscles in the way they were DESIGNED TO BE USED.

And that means LESS TENSION. Because using your muscles in a way that is counter to their design causes excess tension, which can build up to become pain over time.

So why didn’t they teach us this stuff in school? Yeah, well, that’s a good question, and you could listen to me grumble about it for a while…

But the good news is that as long as you’re STILL ALIVE it isn’t too late!

You can still learn how key parts of your anatomy work and find greater freedom of movement, and an accompanying reduction in pain levels.