I had an incredibly stiff, painful neck...

I had an incredibly stiff, painful neck for most of my life. I had such a difficult time with it.

For a long time I was doing these posture exercises that a physio gave me to try to pull my head and shoulders back and bring my shoulders and spine more straight… the result LOOKED better (at least I thought it did).

But it never really seemed to make anything less stiff or painful.

I didn’t understand at the time that as humans – standing upright in response to gravity – we need to be constantly adjusting our stance.

Our whole body is actually making thousands of tiny micro-adjustments all of the time, to enable us to breathe and not fall over. Our balance constantly shifts as we move around; as we breathe in and out.

Even if we think we are standing “still”, our balance is changing constantly: our muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and fascia making tiny micro-adjustments to keep us breathing and upright.

The body is a fascinating, and endlessly complicated system of subtle movement and coordination.

However the word ‘posture’ makes us think of a FIXED position.

If we try to find a FIXED ‘posture’ for our body, it’s like trying to stand a pencil on its end – inflexible and uncomfortable.

If you already have a stiff back or neck, then the idea of finding a fixed, straight ‘posture’ might make everything more stiff!

It wasn’t until I found a way to LET GO tension in my back and neck, and allow space for these micro-adjustments to happen that I finally started to get some relief, and some freedom in my neck.