Neck or back pain? Stop trying to ‘stand up straight’ immediately!

Your spine isn’t straight. It is curved… and for good reason. The curves in your spine are like the shock absorbers on your car. If your spine didn’t have these curves then every step you took would be jarring to your whole body.

If you try to force your body to stand up straight, you are making your body rigid. You are actually tightening all the muscles around these curves and decreasing the amount of shock absorption and flexibility available in your spine.

Yes, your body is designed to stand tall and upright, but in a flexible and free way, not in a rigid and tense way.

Your body is perfectly designed to stand tall and upright in response to gravity. You might think of gravity as bit of a drag… but if your body is in perfect alignment then your response to gravity is exactly what triggers you to stand freely and comfortably upright.

And the secret to getting your body in perfect alignment? Learning to let go of the tense and tight muscles that kink you up, pull you in, twist you around, and interfere with your body’s natural postural mechanisms.

What if you could learn to identify and release key areas of tension as the MAIN way of improving posture?

And let go of the idea of ‘working harder’ (like trying to ‘stand up straight’) to overcome back and neck pain?

If you experience back or neck pain you actually get better results from doing less…