Your RSI can be managed and improved… by you!

Do you suffer from a repetitive strain injury? Or maybe you have ongoing neck, shoulder, arm and/or wrist pain and tension, which you feel could turn into an RSI injury at any moment…

I’ve been there, and I know what it’s like. During my years working in full time office jobs I constantly felt like I was on the verge on an injury.

I was always managing severe neck, shoulder and arm pain and tension, always worried when work got busy that it would be too much for me to handle… would this be the time when my pain tipped over the edge and became an injury?

… and then the fear of having to report an injury; of having to be ‘that’ person; of having to get the ‘system’ involved in my personal relationship with my body.

Well the good news is that I made it through to better days… and you can too!

By undertaking these 5 steps, you can learn to manage and improve your own tension and pain:

STEP 1: Shift your understanding to realise that you can manage and improve the way your body moves and feels, simply by using thinking and intention.

STEP 2: Let go of the idea of ‘working harder’ (e.g. ‘building core strength’) to overcome back and neck pain. Learn to identify and release key areas of tension as the main way of improving posture.

STEP 3: Learn how your body ACTUALLY works, and how to move in accordance with the design of your anatomy.

STEP 4: Learn to apply and integrate these principles in common day to day activities.

STEP 5: Bed down a practice regime so you can manage your own body, tension and pain, including a plan for how to handle a ‘flare up’ of symptoms.

By following these 5 steps you will not only reduce your tension levels, but reach a new level of confidence that you can work with your own body to improve the way you feel.

NOT reliant on medical professionals, drugs or surgery. Just YOU, working with YOUR OWN body, to improve YOUR OWN life.